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nabídka rehabilitačních služeb

Preventive Care

Our activities represent a form of preventive rehabilitative care that is directed to addressing and preventing or various pathologies of the locomotor apparatus. It is organised in a different manner than the usual rehabilitation care that is covered by health insurance.

The client can make a phone booking at a time that suits him/her for a preventive examination by a specialist. The physician will propose specific solutions and/or perform a hands-on or specifically a reflexology treatment. Then the client is booked at the physiotherapist’s for a date that s/he agrees on with him/her. The physiotherapist then implements a professionally established rehabilitation programme, specifically "made to measure" for the client. The most modern techniques and equipment in his/her rehabilitation department will be utilised.

This treatment is paid for by the client or by his/her company, outside the public health insurance system, by means of a direct payment, in accordance with the Price List attached below.